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INDEX OF AVAILABLE CABOCHONS - Update of Page is in Progress

We are in the process of updating this page to show the Cabochons that are available. We have removed all those that are already sold, but not all available are included yet. ... Looking for a stone cut from a particular type of material? You can select from the index below, or you can select from the thumbnails of those materials as well. If you want to view page by page, you can do so by clicking "NEXT PAGE" at the top of each section. If you are looking for something in particular, just email us!

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Special categories of Stones: LARGER, OVERSIZED STONES - PAIRS - HEARTS

Different types of stones: Agua-Nueva - Amethyst - Azurite - Biggs Jasper - Blue Lace Agate - Botswana Agate - Brazilian Agate - Burro Creek, AZ - Chrysocolla - Chrysoprase - Condor - Coyamito Agate - Druse - Gem Hill, CA - Horse Canyon Agate - Imperial Jasper - Jade - Jaspers, Miscellaneous - Laguna Agate - Lapis Lazuli - Lepidolite - Malachite - Marble - other Mexican Agates - Moss Agate - Opalite - Owyhee Jasper - Palm Root - Pastelite - Plasma Agate - Plume Agate - Quartz - Rain Forest Jasper - Rhodonite - Rhyolite - Sagenite - TeePee Canyon Agate - Thunderegg Agate - Turquoise - Unknown Jaspers - Willow Creek Jasper - Wonderstone.

CLICK PHOTOS TO GO TO DESCRIPTION (Up-to-date through Plume Agate so far):

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