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Obsidian is volcanic glass, formed by the rapid cooling of lava flows. Goldstone is not a natural stone at all, but a sparkly, man-made glass. We have slabs of Obsidian and a limited amount of both in the rough and unpolished form. We've seen many beautiful projects from this material, such as cabochons, spheres, rounded sculptures, and arrowheads which have been flint-knapped. We charge one shipping cost for all that will safely fit in a Small Priority Flat Rate box, or padded envelope (up to 4 pounds), and will ship to the U.S. as well as Internationally. Combined purchases over 4 pounds may require extra shipping. See our Store Policies for full details.

Gold Sheen Obsidian Rough

1 lb Gold Sheen Obsidian Rough (@ $9.00/lb)

Gold Sheen Obsidian Rough

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This is Gold Sheen Obsidian rough pieces, selling by the pound. You might not see any of the sheen in most of these photos, and before cleaning off the dust on this batch, we thought it was just Mahogany Obsidian. But a little water and movement in the sunshine and we realized it was actually Maghoany with Gold Sheen - awesome material, as you can tell by the 2nd photo of a large sliced piece of it (watch a YouTube video of it)! The material must be cut at the correct angle for the sheen to be visible. The pieces in the photos are the batch we will pull from but you may or may not receive any specific piece you see here. Further, not all pieces show the sheen so we want to pull specific pieces per order that will ensure what you get will have the sheen in it. Please note that this material is volcanic glass and easily cuts like glass, so care should be taken when handling or working with it.

U.S. shipping cost: $8.00

Gold Sheen Obsidian Rough   Item: 4128   Price: $9.00  

Quantity is limited; please contact us to pull pieces for you.

Obsidian Rough

1 Lb Black and Black with Mahogany Obsidian Rough ($4/lb)

This is for 1 pound only of black and mahogany Obsidian rough pieces. In this batch, one piece that looks black might also have the splashes of the mahogany coloring as well, or could be all black. It's possible a piece we think is black turns out to be gold, silver or rainbow sheen, though no promises on these. Some pieces have a skin, while others are just rough chunks. A few have been sliced, though most are uncut. A one pound order could be smaller pieces, or even just one piece that weighs a minium of one pound. If you have a specific request for size, please contact us. The pieces in the photos are examples only and were wet in all the photos.

U.S. shipping cost: $8.00

Obsidian Rough   Item: 1382   Price: $4.00  

Goldstone Rough

Sorry - No Goldstone Available Right Now

Goldstone Rough

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This is a piece of rough Goldstone, it has already sold. We're keeping the photo here as a placeholder only, we do get more from time to time and we'll update the wording if we acquire more.

U.S. shipping cost: $6.80

Goldstone Rough   Item# 1359   Price: $old  

Sold - - Contact us for additional items.

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