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EAGems has recently started branching out with other 'gadgets'. Our first product in this line is our electronic Digital Caliper. More gadgets to come in the future. This one is available now, and can be ordered through

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Digital Caliper

EAGems 6in / 150mm Stainless Steel DIGITAL CALIPER Now with Fractions

We recently introduced our new digital caliper through the market. It is a high quality measuring tool at an affordable price. Whether you need one for measuring stones like us, or for other hobbies like creating models, or for mechanics or even for measuring shell casings, this is a nice one. Made of all stainless steel, including the head, it glides easily up and down the beam.

Measuring up to 6" or 150 mm, it provides details to within 5 ten-thousandths of an inch, or 1 hundredth of a millimeter. It has an IP54 rating (IP stands for Ingress Protection, 5 indicates it has limited protection against dust getting in, and the 4 means it is protected from water splashes from any direction). Be sure to check out our Caliper Tips below for help in using it, more tips coming soon!

It is fully protected by our two-year warranty. The normal price is what you see below, but it is on sale for less right now, though we are not sure how long we can keep it as low as you'll find it on Amazon. Read more about it here.

U.S. shipping cost: $6.80

Digital Caliper   Item# 3689   Price: $64.95  

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Caliper Tips


Caliper Tips

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[Tip #2] [Tip #3]

This is a series of tips for those new to using digital calipers. We are using our EAGems Digital Caliper as the 'model' but we believe the tips will be helpful with most digital calipers.

EAGems Caliper Manual

EAGems Digital Caliper Manual

EAGems Caliper Manual

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[2] [3] [4]

Here is a copy of our EAGems Digital Caliper manual, for your convenience. If you would like a .pdf version, just send us a message with your email address and we'll send it to you.

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