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This page offers a variety of awesome stones, collected, cut and polished (sometimes not polished) from areas around the Mojave Desert. This includes stones with Chapenite, Jasper, Agate, Hematite, Sagenite and others from such areas as Lavic Siding, Afton Canyon, the Cady Mountains, and Acton. For most of these pieces, we charge one shipping cost for all that will safely fit in the box and will ship to the U.S. as well as Internationally. For International orders, and for very large pieces (when noted in the description), there may be an additional shipping cost. If your order requires additional shipping, we will either contact you before we ship, or you can email us for an invoice. Thanks!

Paul Bunyan Agate Cabochon

Paul Bunyan Plume Agate Specimen Cabochon

This is a large and beautiful Paul Bunyan Plume Agate cabochon. It is 67 x 30 mm at the widest points, and 5 mm thick. It weighs 67 carats. It is nicely polished on both the front as well as on the back. S.A. Wittick is the artist on this piece. It is a nice specimen cabochon from this rare material, but would also make a stunning focal point in a special jewelry design! One of the slide show photos shows it with a bail for a pendant, but it is just for the idea, does not come that way. You can purchase through Amazon or here. First Class shipping available upon request.

U.S. shipping cost: $8.00

Paul Bunyan Agate Cabochon   Item: 1511   Price: $65.00  

Large Travertine Sphere

3 3/4" Travertine Sphere

Large Travertine Sphere

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This is a another sphere made from Travertine (Mojave Desert). It is a larger one, just a quarter inch less than 4" in diameter. It weighs 2 lbs, 13.5 ounces. 'Travertine' is often seen as a material used in making countertops, but it is also popular by lapidary artists for various types of polished stones. In natural lighting the color is closer to how it looks in the photos on light background, but when moved under direct light or sunlight, the colors become more apparent. There are some natural flaws in it as visible in the photos.

U.S. shipping cost: $8.00

Large Travertine Sphere   Item: 4068   Price: $195.00  

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