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This page is dedicated to some of the wonderful pieces we have been able to share with others and are not available for purchase. While some are polished specimens, many are not. Some are just gorgeous examples of Mother Nature's work, unpolished, and photographed wet. Others actually have pictures in them - can you see them? We hope you enjoy looking as much as we do! Click on the photos to enlarge.

A Large, Rare Specimen -
Holley Blue Agate
Amazing Unpolished Slice of
Mexican Agate
"The Porcupine"
Sagenite Agate
"Don's Harley Motorcycle"
Mushroom Jasper
"Beach View from the Cave"
Fallen Tree Thunderegg
"Yellow Rose"
Mexican Agate - Durango?
"Glistening Chalice"
Laguna Agate
"The Fleet is Here!"
Apache Rhyolite
"Blooming Yucca Plant"
Sagenite Agate
"Watercolor - Ocean Scene"
Baker Ranch Agate
"Delicate Iris"
Dendritic Agate
Laguna Agate, Mexico
OMG! Stunning!
Laguna Agate, Mexico
"The Butterfly"
Condor Agate Pair, Pategonia
"The Webs We Weave!"
Berber Agate, Morocco
With Light from Behind!
Laguna Lace Agate, Mexico
"Majestic Lion Crest"
Baker Ranch Agate
"Other Side of Lion Crest"
Baker Ranch Agate
"Starburst and Paisleys!"
Agua Nueva Agate, Mexico
"The Sea Creature"
Owyhee Picture Jasper, Oregon
"Jigsaw Puzzle!"
Imperial Jasper, Mexico
Awesome Fan Patterns!
Botryoidal Malachite, The Congo
"Spilled the Bubbles!"
Laguna Agate, Mexico
Stalactite, we think!
Amazing - Look at the Lace!
Coyamito Agate, Mexico
Rhyolite, We Think!
"The Dancer!"
Thunderegg Agate Geode
"Dragon Head"
TeePee Canyon Agate
"Nature's Wild Side!"
Indian Paint Stone, Death Valley,CA
"Good Morning Sunshine!"
Picasso Marble
"Hummingbird Sipping Nectar!"
Thunderegg Agate Geode
"Puff The Magic Dragon"
Baker Ranch Agate Geode
Nature's Beauty ...
Carnelian Agate
Another Natural Beauty ...
Coyamito Agate, Mexico
So Pretty!
Coyamito Agate, Mexico
"Desert Rose"
Picture Rock, Randsburg, Mojave Desert, CA
Cool Patterns!
African Queen Picture Jasper
Ocean Scene w/Seagull
Thunderegg Agate Geode, Oregon
"All Eggs in One Basket"
Imperial Jasper, Mexico
Just Gorgeous!
TeePee Canyon Agate, South Dakota

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