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This page includes some of the many gorgeous stones we have (and have sold) that come from South America. Stones such as the Brazilian Agate, Oco Geodes, Condor Agates from Pategonia/Argentina, and Amethyst, to name a few.

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Agate Bookends

Unpolished Agate Bookends, Probably Brazilian

This pair is a dark Agate with some Carnelian swirls in it, probably a Brazilian Agate. The sides are natural and unpolished, as visible in slide show photo #3 and last two. The other photos show the sides wet, giving an idea what they would look like if polished (polishing can be done if requested for an additional cost of $45 for one face, both sides). Both sides together, it weighs 5 lbs, 2.5 ounces and measures roughly 4" x 4" with one side 2" thick and the other 2 1/4." Size is suitable for books of medium size. In natural lighting it is closer to how it looks on the light background. (Additional shipping cost for International, please contact us before buying.)

U.S. shipping cost: $8.95

Agate Bookends   Item: 4087   Price: $30.00  

Brazilian Agate

Large Brazilian Agate Specimen Slab

This is a beautiful slice of a larger, premium Brazilian Agate. Both sides are nicely polished. At first glance you don't notice the subtle colors much, but move it into the light and it is just gorgeous. It is 8" x about 8 1/4" and 1/4", or 6 mm, thick. It weighs 515 grams, or 1 pound, 2 ounces. It's a wonderful specimen to add to any collection! International buyers please email for shipping quote.)

U.S. shipping cost: $8.95

Brazilian Agate   Item: 1202   Price: $57.00  

Druse Amethyst Flower

Beautiful Botryoidal Druse Amethyst Flower

Druse Amethyst Flower

Click image for slide show

[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

This is another beauty, an Amethyst Flower, from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. It has botryoidal nodules (bubbly, grape-like shapes), covered in tiny druze crystals. It is 6" x 3" at its widest points, and is as thick 24 mm high off the surface. It weighs 5.9 ounces, or 169.6 grams.

U.S. shipping cost: $8.75

Druse Amethyst Flower   Item: 3817   Price: $55.00  

Oco Geode

One Small Oco Geode with Agate and Crystals

Oco Geode

Click image for slide show

[2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

Purchasing this item will give you one half of a small, polished Oco Geode nodule, not the ones you see in the photos. These are natural stones from Brazil filled with Agate and Quartz. The centers are full of crystals, some larger, some smaller, surrounded by agate. Each piece is unique, no two are exactly alike. They come in amazing variety as you can get an idea of from the photos. You will not necessarily receive one of those you see in the slide show, but these are good representations of what you will get.

Each one has been polished on the face, bringing out the natural beauty of the agate. Sizes vary, mostly between 1-2" long x 3/4-1" wide and 1-2" thick. But as each piece is one of a kind, you could receive one a little smaller or larger. The weight of each one can be less than an ounce or up to about 2 ounces. If you receive one you are not happy with, just send us a message and we will help ensure you are completely satisfied with your transaction.

Whether one is a collector or lover of rocks and gems, minerals, or crystals, these little stones are awesome for delicate accents in the home or office, or on a shelf for display. (Want free First Class shipping? Email us for an invoice.)

U.S. shipping cost: $8.75

Oco Geode   Item: 4032   Price: $9.95  

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